All Conservapedia editors are required to to wear chastity belts.

Conservapedia is a conservative commentary and propaganda wiki used as a front to subconsciously brainwash people into Mormonism. We will discuss these and other topics within this article.

Conservapedia and HitlerEdit

For main article see Proven Connections Between Adoft Hitler And Conservapedia

Conservapedia uses the conservative belief which they claim promotes peace and love but that's where their wrong! As a study conducted by Alfred Croone, it states that Conservapedia is linked with Adoft Hitler![1] Hitler and his whole Nazi party had a very conservative and Christian ideology. As far as we can tell this undoubtedly links the site with Hitler. [2] Another fact is most Conservatives are Catholic and of course Hitler was a heavy Catholic!

I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.


—Adoft Hitler

Conservapedia and CommunismEdit

For main article see Examples of Why Conservapedia is Communist

Although it claims to that "No other encyclopedic resource on the internet is free of corruption by liberal untruths" it in itself follows Communist Ideology! This hypocrisy stems from the fact that conservative encyclopedias follow the ideology of a free market to make a benefit while Conservapedia is available for free! This "free" encyclopedia creates an Equal, Collectivist and Classless environment all things that Communism thrives for!


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