Starbucks Corporation is the single largest coffee and coffeehouse chain in the known universe. In human history It is considered a monumental achievement both commercially and astrologically for it is the first company to make it's business interplanetary, hosting coffeehouses on both the Moon and Mars.

According to reports by the The Wall Street Journal it has close to 250 Billion coffeehouses open spanning the Earth, Moon and Mars with an estimated annual revenue of $2050 Trillion. It has also been stated that Starbucks currently owns 94% of the Mexican Government and 18% of the US government.


Originally a massive Crystal Meth lab and cocaine delivery service Starbucks went to create several coffeehouse chains using illegal drugs as the main recipes to the coffee. This proved highly successful as the drugs made the coffee very addictive and popular and before long Starbucks abandoned their drug operations and simply used the drugs as coffee ingredients for their coffeehouses.

During the 1990s business was booming as close to 15 new Starbucks stores and coffeehouses opened daily.