What's the Purpose of The Devil's Wiki?

As a complete modernization of The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, the purpose is to create a comprehensive, professionally written, satirical encyclopedia covering all subjects either alloted on Wikipedia or are of noteworthy value. It uses satirical reinterpretations (in other words completely biased lies and cynical mockery) of the subjects without a particular point of view. Think of it as a Wikipedia that is well written by trolls, critics and other elitist douchebags.

Remember it's an actual wiki or encyclopedia of sorts first and a parody second so keep reversal jokes and sarcasm to a minimum or when it's really funny (which is usually rare).

Devil's Wiki is NOT Uncyclopedia (thank god) as Uncyclopedia uses misinformation as a form of parody while Devil's Wiki is meant to keep as close to the truth as possible.

Devil's Wiki is NOT Encyclopedia Dramatica (although it tosses and turns every night when it goes to bed, only to wake up and eat ice cream to sooth it's rampant depression that it isn't up to par with such greatness) it isn't meant to catalog lulz or drama or internet memes and is meant to be professionally written without the use of jargon .

What is the History of Devil's Wiki?

Wow you actually ok hold on a second. Well basiclly an editor who was both an uncyclopedia, wikipedian and Ediot by the name of CartoonDiablo had a dream in which there could be a wiki that mocks and trolls articles but does them professionally and so used his powers of persuasion to the feeble minded Wikia editors to approve the project.

Is Devil's Wiki Racist, Bigoted, Homophobic, etc.

Well let me answer your question with another question, is Stephen Colbert or Sasha Baran Cohen any of those things? Actually I have no idea but the answer for Devil's Wiki is no. It uses Satire which includes things such as mockery or sarcasm to get the point across and it being text it's hard to tell sometimes.

The only people to think of this question are people who don't understand satire.

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